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Abstract Submission

  Abstract Submission
         Thank you for your contribution to the world of anti-aging medicine! IMAAC will share your research with thousands of leading experts from around the world.
         We look forward to seeing you in ShenZhen, China!

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         If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or contanct Mr Wang +(86)13822260303.

  Main Forum
         1.Aesthetic Medicine Forum
         2.Cosmetic Sugery Forum
         3.Regenerative Medicine Forum
         4.Hair Regeneration Forum
         5.Aesthetic Surgery Forum
         6.Sexual Medicine and Intimate Anti-Aging Forum
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         8.Aesthetic Consultation Forum
         9.marketing and Adminstration Forum
         10.Entrepreneurship and Investment Forum

 Types of Abstract
         The content of the abstract must be related to one of the topics listed above. You can submit an abstract in the form of a word or PPT document or a picture, and IMAAC will organize various experts to consider your submission.

  How to submit an abstract
         Delegates who wish to present their work in the form of a talk or poster to their peers around the world at the IMAAC Congress are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by IMAAC.
There is no fee to submit an abstract, you can email us via [email protected] submit,  Abstracts sent by mail will not be accepted.
         The deadline for submission of abstracts for this Congress is September 25th, 2023 at 18:00 pm, before which you may submit an abstract or make additional changes to a submitted abstract at any time.
         Submitted abstracts cannot be edited after the submission deadline and only correctly submitted abstracts will be considered by the congress.

  Preparing an Abstract for Submission
         1. The first/presenting author is responsible for ensuring that all authors have read the abstract and agree to be co-authors, up to a maximum of 20 authors per abstract. When adding co-authors, please include the last name and first name as well as the organization, city, state, and email address of each co-author.
         2. Abstract submitters receive IMAAC time allotted for presentations during the conference

  Content of the abstract
         For standardization purposes, the acceptable length of an abstract is a maximum of 500 words. This does not include author details, headings, tables and charts.
         1.Title: Clearly state the main content of the presentation.
         2. Background
         3. Objectives
         4. Methods: This should contain sufficient information to enable an understanding of the experimental design, analytical techniques and statistical data used in the study.
         5. Results: This should contain objective data to answer the scientific question. A maximum of two tables or figures may be submitted for this section. Be sure to number each table and figure and cite each one in the abstract text.
         6. conclusions (or findings): this should provide only the conclusions of the study that are directly supported by the results, as well as the implications for clinical practice, avoiding speculation and overgeneralization.
         7. Figures and Tables
         Graphs and tables can be submitted with a maximum file size of 2 MB w. Graphics in the following formats are permitted: PNG, GIF, JPG.
         8. Other:
         If the research included in your abstract is supported by a pharmaceutical or diagnostic company, you may indicate this when submitting your abstract.
         If the research involves the use of over-the-counter drugs, please state this clearly.
         Please indicate the organization you work for.

  After Submission
         A panel of international experts will review the abstracts. Each abstract will be reviewed by 4-6 different experts. Abstracts can optionally be used for live presentations, poster presentations.
Submitting authors will be notified after October 10, 2023 via the email address provided at the time of submission as to whether their abstract has been accepted.

Elements of abstract review
         Is the research original?
         Does it solve an important scientific question?
         Does the abstract clearly state the facts?
         Is the work ethical?
         Do the results justify the conclusions?

  Please note
         No revisions may be made after the abstract deadline. To ensure the integrity of the review process, revisions to abstracts will not be accepted after the abstract submission deadline.
         LIVE PRESENTATION: Authors of abstracts selected for oral presentation will be notified of the date and time of the conference. Presenters will be asked to attend in person and agree to broadcast their recorded presentation on an internet video platform within 30 days of the conference.
         Poster Presentation: Abstracts that have been reviewed and approved for presentation will be produced as promotional posters and presented to a global audience of anti-aging practitioners via the official IMAAC website, social media, and on-site at the conference.

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